Tax Office

The Special Parcel Tax was authorized by voters November 7, 2006 to be levied within the District which was officially formed, also by voters, on November 7, 2006. The Special Parcel Tax will sunset November 30, 2021. The Special Tax was levied for the purpose of providing rapid access to emergency medical services with a doctor on duty 24-hours per day.  On November 8, 2016 voters authorized the Special Parcel Tax to be extended to November 30, 2021.

For further information concerning the current and estimated future tax liability of owners or purchasers of real property subject to this Special Tax lien, interested persons should contact Mountain Communities Healthcare District at

The rate, method or apportionment, and manner of collection of the authorized Special Tax are as follows:

Rate of the Authorized Special Tax

Maximum Annual Special Tax Rate Revenue derived from providing other medical and health-related services will be augmented by annually levying on parcels within the District’s boundaries a Special Tax, for a period of five years beginning December 1, 2016 and ending November 30, 2021 as follows:

Per Undeveloped Parcel $30.00
Per Dwelling Unit $114.00
Non-Residential Development $114.00

Should one or more parcels share a Dwelling Unit or Non-Residential Development, then the Dwelling Unit or Non-Residential Development tax shall apply only to the largest of the parcels; however, each smaller parcel shall pay the Undeveloped Parcel tax.