Thank You to The Trinity Trust for the kind donation for clinic expansion equipment

The Trinity Trust was created by the residents of Trinity County California to improve the quality of life in their region and to keep local capital local and working for the benefit of the community.
The Trinity Trust strives to be a leader in communicating the value of keeping local resources and capital within the Trinity County region to support our community’s diverse array of organizations and issues.

The Trinity Trust is a collection of funds, held at the Humboldt Area Foundation (HAF) that together create a permanent endowment for the benefit of the residents of Trinity County, California.

Community giving and grant-making in Trinity County will continue through donor advised funds at HAF that were established specifically to benefit residents of Trinity County. However, with community support, and through the work of our local board, we expect new funds to be established with The Trinity Trust and grant-making to expand as the community embraces the concept of continuing to give back to itself for local priorities and the public good.